Road to the 2023 MCWS: The super regionals are set (2023)

  • Road to the 2023 MCWS: The super regionals are set (1)

    ESPN staffJun 6, 2023, 10:36 AM ET

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After a thrilling weekend of play and upsets, all the spots in the super regionals have been secured with No. 1 Wake Forest, No. 2 Florida, No. 5 LSU, No. 7 Virginia, No. 8 Stanford No. 12 Kentucky, No. 14 Indiana State, No. 15 South Carolina, No. 16 Alabama, Duke, Texas, Tennessee, TCU, Southern Miss, Oregon and Oral Roberts all advancing.

Notable top seeds ousted from the tournament include No. 3 Arkansas, No. 4 Clemson and No. 6 Vanderbilt.

The 64-team field is now down to 16, and we'll provide updates with the schedule, scores and how to watch information for the NCAA tournament.

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MCWS dates | Regionals scores

Road to the 2023 MCWS: The super regionals are set (2)

Super regionals

Best of three series; all times ET

Gainesville Super Regional (Gainesville, Florida)
No. 2 Florida vs. No. 15 South Carolina

Game 1: Friday June 9; 6 p.m. on ESPN2
Game 2: Saturday June 10; 3 p.m. on ESPN2
Game 3 (if necessary): Sunday June 11; time TBD

Charlottesville Super Regional (Charlottesville, Virginia)
No. 7 Virginia vs. Duke

Game 1: Friday June 9; Noon on ESPN2
Game 2: Saturday June 10; Noon on ESPN2
Game 3 (if necessary): Sunday June 11; time TBD

Eugene Super Regional (Eugene, Oregon)
Oregon vs. Oral Roberts

Game 1: Friday June 9; 8 p.m. on ESPNU
Game 2: Saturday June 10; 9 p.m. on ESPNU
Game 3 (if necessary): Sunday June 11; time TBD

Fort Worth Super Regional (Fort Worth, Texas)
No. 14 Indiana State vs. TCU

Game 1: Friday June 9; 5 p.m. on ESPNU
Game 2: Saturday June 10; 6 p.m. on ESPNU
Game 3 (if necessary): Sunday June 11; time TBD

Winston-Salem Super Regional (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
No. 1 Wake Forest vs. No. 16 Alabama

Game 1: Saturday June 10; Noon on ESPN
Game 2: Sunday June 11; time TBD
Game 3 (if necessary): Monday June 12; time TBD

Stanford Super Regional (Stanford, California)
No. 8 Stanford vs. Texas

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Game 1: Saturday June 10; 6 p.m. on ESPN2
Game 2: Sunday June 11; time TBD
Game 3 (if necessary): Monday June 12; time TBD

Baton Rogue Super Regional (Baton Rogue, Louisiana)
No. 5 LSU vs. No. 12 Kentucky

Game 1: Saturday June 10; 3 p.m. on ESPN
Game 2: Sunday June 11; time TBD
Game 3 (if necessary): Monday June 12; time TBD

Hattiesburg Super Regional (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)
Southern Miss vs. Tennessee

Game 1: Saturday June 10; 3 p.m. on ESPNU
Game 2: Sunday June 11; time TBD
Game 3 (if necessary): Monday June 12; time TBD

Road to the 2023 MCWS: The super regionals are set (3)

Men's College World Series

Friday, June 16, through Monday, June 26

Road to the 2023 MCWS: The super regionals are set (4)

Regionals scores

Double elimination

Winston-Salem Regional (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

Game 1: Maryland 7, Northeastern 2
Game 2: No. 1 Wake Forest 12, George Mason 0

Game 3: George Mason 11, Northeastern 3 (Northeastern eliminated)
Game 4: No. 1 Wake Forest 21, Maryland 6

Game 5: George Mason 11, Maryland 10 (Maryland eliminated)
Game 6: No. 1 Wake Forest 15, George Mason 1 (George Mason eliminated)

No. 1 Wake Forest advances to super regionals

Tuscaloosa Regional (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Game 1: Troy 11, Boston College 10
Game 2: No. 16 Alabama 4, Nicholls State 3

Game 3: Boston College 14, Nicholls State 6 (Nicholls State eliminated)
Game 4: No. 16 Alabama 11, Troy 8

Game 5: Boston College 4, Troy 1 (Troy eliminated)
Game 6: No. 16 Alabama 8, Boston College 0 (Boston College eliminated)

No. 16 Alabama advances to super regionals

Coral Gables Regional (Coral Gables, Florida)

Game 1: Texas 4, Louisiana 2
Game 2: No. 9 Miami 9, Maine 1

Game 3: Louisiana 19, Maine 10 (Maine eliminated)
Game 4: Texas 4, No. 9 Miami 1

Game 5: No. 9 Miami 8, Louisiana 5 (Louisiana eliminated)
Game 6: Texas 10, No. 9 Miami 6 (Miami eliminated)

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Texas advances to super regionals

Stanford Regional (Stanford, California)

Game 1: No. 8 Stanford 13, San Jose State 2
Game 2: Texas A&M 12, Cal State Fullerton 7

Game 3: Cal State Fullerton 9, San Jose State 5 (San Jose State eliminated)
Game 4: Texas A&M 8, No. 8 Stanford 5

Game 5: No. 8 Stanford 6, Cal State Fullerton 5 (Cal State Fullerton eliminated)
Game 6: No. 8 Stanford 13, Texas A&M 5

Game 7: No. 8 Stanford 7, Texas A&M 1 (Texas A&M eliminated)

No. 8 Stanford advances to super regionals

Baton Rouge Regional (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Game 1: No. 5 LSU 7, Tulane 2
Game 2: Oregon State 18, Sam Houston 2

Game 3: Sam Houston 10, Tulane 2 (Tulane eliminated)
Game 4: No. 5 LSU 6, Oregon State 5
Game 5: Oregon State 3, Sam Houston 1 (Sam Houston eliminated)

Game 6: No. 5 LSU 13, Oregon State 7

No. 5 LSU advances to super regionals

Lexington Regional (Lexington, Kentucky)
Game 1: No. 12 Kentucky 4, Ball State 0
Game 2: Indiana 12, West Virginia 6

Game 3: West Virginia 13, Ball State 5 (Ball State eliminated)
Game 4: Indiana 5, No. 12 Kentucky 3

Game 5: No. 12 Kentucky 10, West Virginia 0 (West Virginia eliminated)
Game 6: No. 12 Kentucky 16, Indiana 6

Game 7: No. 12 Kentucky 4, Indiana 2 (Indiana eliminated)

No. 12 Kentucky advances to super regionals

Auburn Regional (Auburn, Alabama)

Game 1: Samford 4, Southern Miss 2 (10)
Game 2: Penn 6, No. 13 Auburn 3 (11)

Game 3: Southern Miss 7, No. 13 Auburn 2 (No. 13 Auburn eliminated)
Game 4: Penn 5, Samford 4

Game 5: Southern Miss 9, Samford 4 (Samford eliminated)
Game 6: Southern Miss 11, Penn 2

Game 7: Southern Miss 11, Penn 7 (Penn eliminated)

Southern Miss advances to super regionals

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Clemson Regional (Clemson, South Carolina)

Game 1: No. 4 Clemson 12, Lipscomb 5
Game 2: Tennessee 8, Charlotte 1

Game 3: Charlotte 9, Lipscomb 2 (Lipscomb eliminated)
Game 4: Tennessee 6, No. 4 Clemson 5 (14)

Game 5: Charlotte 3, No. 4 Clemson 2 (Clemson eliminated)
Game 6: Tennessee 9, Charlotte 2 (Charlotte eliminated)

Tennessee advances to super regionals

Gainesville Regional (Gainesville, Florida)

Game 1: Texas Tech 3, UConn 2
Game 2: No. 2 Florida 3, Florida A&M 0

Game 3: UConn 9, Florida A&M 6 (Florida A&M eliminated)
Game 4: Texas Tech 5, No. 2 Florida 4

Game 5: No. 2 Florida 8, UConn 2 (UConn eliminated)
Game 6: No. 2 Florida 7, Texas Tech 1

Game 7: No. 2 Florida 6, Texas Tech 0 (Texas Tech eliminated)

No. 2 Florida advances to super regionals

Columbia Regional (Columbia, South Carolina)

Game 1: NC State 5, Campbell 1
Game 2: No. 15 South Carolina 19, Central Connecticut State 1

Game 3: Campbell 10, Central Connecticut State 5 (Central Connecticut State eliminated)
Game 4: No. 15 South Carolina 6, NC State 3

Game 5: Campbell 11, NC State 1 (NC State eliminated)
Game 6: No. 15 South Carolina 16, Campbell 7 (Campbell eliminated)

No. 15 South Carolina advances to super regionals

Conway Regional (Conway, South Carolina)

Game 1: Duke 12, UNC Wilmington 3
Game 2: Rider 11, No. 10 Coastal Carolina 10 (10)

Game 3: No. 10 Coastal Carolina 12, UNC Wilmington 2 (UNC Wilmington eliminated)
Game 4: Duke 2, Rider 1

Game 5: No. 10 Coastal Carolina 13, Rider 5 (Rider eliminated)
Game 6: No. 10 Coastal Carolina 10, Duke 8

Game 7: Duke 12, No. 10 Coastal Carolina 3

Duke advances to super regionals

Charlottesville Regional (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Game 1: No. 7 Virginia 15, Army 1
Game 2: East Carolina 14, Oklahoma 5

Game 3: Oklahoma 10, Army 1 (Army eliminated)
Game 4: No. 7 Virginia 2, East Carolina 1

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Game 5: East Carolina 8, Oklahoma 5 (Oklahoma eliminated)
Game 6: No. 7 Virginia 8, East Carolina 3 (East Carolina eliminated)

No. 7 Virginia advances to super regionals

Nashville Regional (Nashville, Tennessee)

Game 1: Oregon 5, Xavier 4
Game 2: No. 6 Vanderbilt 12, Eastern Illinois 2

Game 3: Xavier 7, Eastern Illinois 0 (Eastern Illinois eliminated)
Game 4: Oregon 8, No. 6 Vanderbilt 7

Game 5: Xavier 2, No. 6 Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt eliminated)
Game 6: Oregon 11, Xavier 2 (Xavier eliminated)

Oregon advances to super regionals

Stillwater Regional (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

Game 1: Washington 9, Dallas Baptist 5
Game 2: Oral Roberts 6, No. 11 Oklahoma State 4

Game 3: Dallas Baptist 18, No. 11 Oklahoma State 4 (Oklahoma State eliminated)
Game 4: Oral Roberts 15, Washington 12

Game 5: Dallas Baptist 9, Washington 1 (Washington eliminated)
Game 6: Oral Roberts 6, Dallas Baptist 5 (Dallas Baptist eliminated)

Oral Roberts advances to super regionals

Terre Haute Regional (Terre Haute, Indiana)

Game 1: No. 14 Indiana State 6, Wright State 5
Game 2: Iowa 5, North Carolina 4

Game 3: North Carolina 5, Wright State 0 (Wright State eliminated)
Game 4: No. 14 Indiana State 7, Iowa 4

Game 5: Iowa 6, North Carolina 5 (13) (North Carolina eliminated)
Game 6: No. 14 Indiana State 11, Iowa 8 (Iowa eliminated)

No. 14 Indiana State advances to super regionals

Fayetteville Regional (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Game 1: No. 3 Arkansas 13, Santa Clara 6
Game 2: TCU 12, Arizona 4

Game 3: Santa Clara 9, Arizona 3 (Arizona eliminated)

Game 4: TCU 20, No. 3 Arkansas 5
Game 5: No. 3 Arkansas 6, Santa Clara 4 (Santa Clara eliminated)

Game 6: TCU 12, No. 3 Arkansas 4 (Arkansas eliminated)

TCU advances to super regionals

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Where are NCAA Super Regionals 2023? ›

∎ The super regional was moved to Fort Worth because of prior commitments in Terre Haute, including the Indiana Special Olympics.

Where will the NCAA baseball Super Regionals be played? ›

The eight winners from the Super Regional round will advance to the College World Series, when all games will be played at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha, Neb.

What is the format for the Super Regionals? ›

The super regional, which includes a total of 16 teams, is a best-of-three series format. The winners of the super regionals -- eight teams in all -- advance to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. The College World Series is a double-elimination format until the final two teams are left standing.

What is schedule for College World Series? ›

2023 NCAA baseball bracket: Men's College World Series scores, schedule
  • Regionals: Friday-Monday, June 2-5.
  • Super regionals: Friday-Sunday, June 9-11 or Saturday-Monday, June 10-12.
  • First day of MCWS games: Start Friday, June 16.
  • MCWS finals: Saturday-Monday, June 24-26.
  • Final championship game: Monday, June 26.
2 days ago

Who is hosting the Super Regionals? ›

TCU Named NCAA Baseball Super Regional Host Site - Big 12 Conference.

Where will NCAA 2023 be held? ›

How many NCAA Super Regional sites are there? ›

Super Regionals are played at eight locations throughout the country and consist of the 16 surviving teams, matched up by predetermined regional pairings. National seeds 1–8 cannot meet each other in the super regional and are guaranteed to host.

How many teams go to Super Regionals in college baseball? ›

Regionals are held in 16 national locations and consists of four teams at each location seeded one through four. The 16 locations are determined through merit. Merit meaning how much money the NCAA can make from the specific locale.

Why is TCU hosting Super Regional? ›

TCU will host the higher-seeded Sycamores because Indiana State said it could not host the Super Regional due to prior commitments (51st Indiana Special Olympics). The best two-of-three series is slated to get underway Friday, June 9 at 4 p.m. Game 2 of the series is set for 5 p.m. on Saturday.

What happens if you win the Super Regional? ›

The eight winners of the super regionals head to the MCWS in Omaha. They are split into two double-elimination brackets, consisting of four teams each. The winners of the two MCWS brackets meet in the MCWS Finals, a best-of-three series to decide the NCAA champion.

Are Super Regionals televised? ›

How to watch NCAA baseball super regionals. While the full schedule for the super regional round will be released on Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET, ESPN is the exclusive home to the NCAA Baseball tournament. The ESPN family of networks carries the entirety of the 2023 NCAA Baseball tournament super regional series.

Where will Texas play Super Regional? ›

No. 8 Stanford topped Texas A&M late Monday night 7-1 to clinch its regional tournament at Sunken Diamond in Palo Alto, California, and now the Cardinal will host another team from the Lone Star State with a trip to the Men's College World Series on the line.

How many schools go to College World Series? ›

The NCAA Division I baseball tournament is a 64-team tournament in the spring. After two rounds of play (which each consist of multiple games), there are just eight teams left. These eight teams then head to Omaha, Nebraska, for the Men's College World Series.

What are super regionals in college baseball? ›

College Baseball Super Regionals Matchups. The Super Regionals begin Friday, June 9 and wrap Sunday, June 11. This round is a best-of-three series between victors of each of the Regionals.

How many schools are in the College World Series? ›

The eight participating teams are split into two, four-team, double-elimination brackets, with the winners of each bracket playing in a best-of-three championship series.

Why is Tennessee not hosting Super Regional? ›

The NCAA responded to WBIR's request for reasons why the selection committee picked Southern Mississippi over Tennessee. The organization responded Southern Miss and Tennessee both met the minimum guidelines in their respective bid proposals submitted before the championship began.

Where are the 2023 NCAA football playoff sites? ›

2023 College Football Playoff National Championship
DateJanuary 9, 2023
StadiumSoFi Stadium
LocationInglewood, California
17 more rows

Where is the 2023 American Athletic Conference tournament? ›

The 2023 American Athletic Conference baseball tournament was held at BayCare Ballpark in Clearwater, Florida, from May 23 through 28. The event, held at the end of the conference regular season, determined the champion of the American Athletic Conference for the 2023 season.

Where is the Sweet Sixteen 2023? ›

It's all down to the Sweet 16 in the 2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, which kicks off Thursday, March 23 (3/23/2023) at New York City, Las Vegas, Louisville and Kansas City. Two of the tournament's top seeded teams have now been knocked out, following No.

Will Southern Miss host a Super Regional? ›

The NCAA announced Tuesday, June 6, that Southern Miss (45-18) will play host to Tennessee (41-19) in the 2023 NCAA Hattiesburg Super Regional. Both teams are appearing in the Super Regionals for consecutive years with the Golden Eagles making their second-straight appearance and the Volunteers their third.

How many Division 1 baseball teams are there? ›

How many Division 1 baseball schools are there? Currently, there are 299 Division 1 baseball programs across the country. D1 baseball programs offer scholarships, but not all programs are fully funded.

How many NCAA college football teams are there in all divisions? ›

There are approximately 893 football colleges spanning five different division levels: NCAA Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and NJCAA.

Are college baseball super regionals best of 3? ›

The best-of-3 super regionals are the next stop on the NCAA baseball tournament's Road to Omaha for the College World Series, where eight winners will compete in Nebraska starting June 16.

How many teams make d3 regionals? ›

Four teams will compete at fourteen regional sites and two teams will compete at two regional sites. The four-team regionals will use a double-elimination format and the two-team regionals will play a best-of-five series. Forty-one conference champions qualified automatically.

How many regionals are in the NCAA Tournament? ›

Current season, competition or edition:

These "at-large" teams are chosen by an NCAA selection committee, then announced in a nationally televised event dubbed Selection Sunday. Teams are placed in four regions and given a seed between 1 and 16 within the region.

Why is Indiana State not hosting Super Regional? ›

Due to prior commitments, accommodations not available and the community preparing to welcome Indiana Special Olympics for the 51st year, we are unable to host the NCAA Super Regionals in the coming week.

Why did Indiana State not host Super Regional? ›

Typically, the higher seed going into the Super Regional will host. But the Sycamores said they will not meet the NCAA lodging requirements to host the Super Regional, among other factors.

What branch of Christianity is TCU? ›

The University is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a denomination that values "true community, deep spirituality and a passion for justice".

Do Super Regional winners go to Omaha? ›

Winners of the best-of-three super regionals will go to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, beginning June 16. Top-eight national seeds are assured of hosting super regionals if they win their regionals. The NCAA will announce other sites on Tuesday.

Are Super Regional games double-elimination? ›

Super Regionals include the 16 winning teams from the first stage. They follow the same double-elimination bracket using two teams divided into eight brackets.

Who will Tennessee play in Super Regional? ›

Tennessee (41-19, 16-14 SEC) will play at Southern Miss (44-18, 22-8 Sun Belt) in an NCAA Tournament super regional.

Where will TCU play in Super Regionals? ›

TCU's next stop en route to a possible trip to the College World Series will be in Fort Worth. The Horned Frogs will host the Indiana State Sycamores at Lupton Stadium this weekend in a best-of-three series to determine who will advance to Omaha next week.

Who will TCU play in Super Regional? ›

– No. 14 seed Indiana State will be traveling to Fort Worth, Texas and TCU for the Fort Worth Super Regional hosted over the June 9-11 weekend. The best two-of-three series is slated to get underway Friday, June 9 at 5 p.m. ET Game 2 of the series is set for 6 p.m. ET on Saturday. The games will be televised on ESPNU.

Where is Texas football moving to? ›

Oklahoma's Board of Regents on Friday approved the necessary contractual agreements with both conferences to make the switch. This comes after Texas' Board of Regents this week also allowed UT president Jay Hartzell to sign agreements to move the Longhorns to the SEC.

What time is the Texas A&M baseball Super Regional game? ›

Monday night's conclusion of the Stanford Regional between the host Stanford Cardinals and Texas A&M Aggies is set to start at 9 p.m. EST and will be broadcast on ESPN+.

Where is NCAA XC Nationals 2023? ›

The 2023 World Athletics Cross Country Championships will take place February 18, 2023 in Bathurst, Australia. Selection procedures are forthcoming.

Where is the college hockey regionals at? ›

Tournament procedure

The following are the sites for the 2022 regionals: March 24 & 26, 2022. East Regional, MVP Arena – Albany, New York (Hosts: Union) West Regional, Budweiser Events Center – Loveland, Colorado (Host: Denver)

How do you qualify for d1 XC nationals? ›

Qualifying. Teams compete in one of nine regional championships to qualify, where the top two teams automatically advance and thirteen additional teams are chosen as at-large selections. In addition to the 31 teams, 38 individual runners qualify for the national championship.

Where is US Nationals 2023? ›

Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! CubingUSA Nationals 2023 will be the 16th US National Championship, and the first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where is MTB Nationals 2023? ›

USA Cycling is excited to announce that the 2023 Gravity Mountain Bike National Championship will take place July 12-16 at Ride Rock Creek in Zirconia, N.C. At this event, the stars-and-stripes will be up for grabs in Downhill, Dual Slalom, and Enduro racing for professional and age-group categories.

Where is the NCAA Midwest regionals? ›

Experience March Madness® in Kansas City March 24 & 26, 2023 at T-Mobile Center. The Big 12 Conference hosts the Midwest Regional of the NCAA ® Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

Where is the frozen 4 in 2023? ›

This will be the third time that Tampa has hosted the Frozen Four. Boston College defeated Ferris State in the 2012 national championship in Tampa.

How many NCAA regionals are there? ›

As in other NCAA tournaments, conference champions (usually determined by a tournament) receive automatic bids, and the selection committee fills the remaining spots. The first tier, called Regionals, consists of 16 locations that include four teams, seeded 1 through 4, competing in a double-elimination bracket.


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