A Plane Left On Time At Noon On Monday. It Arrived At Its Destination At 8:16 PM The Same Day, Which (2023)

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Answer 1

30 seconds i'm not that sure

Answer 2

8*60= 480 minutes
480/16 = 30

Is that the answer?

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Find Integrating Fector:
ylogy dx + ( x-logy )dy=0


Rewrite the ODE as

so that it is now linear in . An integrating factor would

Multiply both sides by to get

A plane left on time at noon on Monday. It arrived at its destination at 8:16 PM the same day, which was 16 minutes late. On average, how many seconds did the plane fall behind every fifteen minutes? 15%


Thank you for posting your question here at brainly. I hope the answer will help you. Feel free to ask more questions.
The plane ride was supposed to take 8 hours but it took an extra 16 minutes
There are 4 fifteen minutes in a hour
therefor 32 15 minutes in 8 hours
The plane was 960 seconds late
Therefor your answer is 30 seconds


Step-by-step explanation:A plane left on time at noon on Monday. It arrived at its destination at 8:16 PM the same day, which was 16 minutes late. On average, how many seconds did the plane fall behind every fifteen minutes?

The price of one gallon of milk has increased from $3.24 to $4.05. What is the percentage increase? 15%


Let initial price be = x = 3.24
final price = y = 4.05
Difference = 4.05 - 3.24
= 0.81
Percentage increase = 0.81 / 3.25 × 100
= 25 %

(4.05 - 3.24) / 3.24......x 100
0.81 / 3.24...x 100
0.25.....x 100
25% increase

Solve k = 0.5mv2 for v


K = 0.5mv^2
v^2 = k / 0.5m = 2k / m
v = sqrt (2k / m)

What does SIR measure, and why is it used with median?


Important frequency measures in cohort studies are incidence and mortality. Important effect measures such as the relative risk (RR), hazard ratio (HR), standardized incidence ratio (SIR), standardized mortality ratio (SMR), and odds ratio (OR) can also be calculated. In case-control or cross-sectional studies, the OR can be calculated as an effect measure. In cross-sectional studies, prevalence is the most important frequency measure. The interpretation of different frequency measures and effect measures will be discussed.

Area of a regular hexagon with a side measuring 1 inch?


A hexagon is made of 6 triangles. Calculate the area of 1 equilateral triangle with side length of 1 inch, then multiply that area by 6.

Translate the phrase; then simplify.
Find the quotient of -32 and 4:


-32 divided by 4, which equals -8

The translation will be: -32 ÷ 4 which equals -8

Bill sold half of his comic books. He then bought 16 more if now he has 36, how many did he start with?


1/2x + 16 = 36
1/2x = 36 - 16
1/2x = 20
x = 20 * 2
x = 40

A medication order is for 2 1/4gr. of a drug to be given tid. you have 3/4gr. tabs in stock. a. how many tablets would you give with each dose?

b. How many tablets would you give in a day?

c. How many tablets would you need to fill this prescription for a 30 day supply?


Tid......3 times per day

2.25 * 3 = 6.75 (or 6 3/4) gr. per day

(a) 2.25 / 0.75 = 3.....u would give 3 tablets per dose
(b) 6.75 / 0.75 = 9....u would give 9 tablets per day
(c) for a 30 day supply....9 x 30 = 270 tablets

Which is not possible distance for the flight from Haiti back to Cuba?


The option which is not a possible distance for the flight from Haiti back to Cuba is43,because that number is far too low to be a possible option. The correct answer should be somewhere around 500km, which means that the remaining options are close to it, whereas 43 is not.

A small acting club has 4 members. Three of the members are to be chosen for a trip to see a broadway play. How many different 3- member groups are possible




so 4?

8 out of 16 chance count how many (A) Then count the (D) you have 4 (A) and 4 ( B) 4+4=8 Now count The letters or kids how many kids do you get in all lines vertically then count how many kids you get horizontally 16. Then you can take 12 ÷ 8 = 2 × 4= 8


PLEASE HELP!! Which two complex numbers when added together and written in the standard form will give you 19 – 2i?
A. 7 − 3i
B. −5 − 8i
C. 12 +i
D. −4 + 9i
E. 6 − 6i
F. −9 + 15i
G. 1 + 10i
H. 11 − 12i



Option A and C are correct.


Step-by-step explanation:

A standard complex number is in the form of

where a represents the real number and bi is the imaginary part.

From the given options:

let and


Therefore, the two complex numbers when added together and written in the standard form will give you are:


Answer: A and C

Notice how 7+12 = 19 which constitutes the real part while -3i+i = -3i+1i = -2i is the imaginary part.

Find the area of the figure 8cm 5cm 10cm 12cm


The answer is 35cm. I think you meant perimeter. In area you multiply length and width. Hope this Helps:)

I think its 35 cm not fully sure

A motorboat traveling with the current went 9mi in 1 h against the current it took 3h to travel the same distance find the rate of the boat in calm water and the rate of the current


Find the average between the two rates. That's how you can get the rate of the boat, which is 6 mph. To find the rate of the current, find the difference between the rate of the boat with either of the two given rates. This should give the rate of the current as 3 mph.

Suppose the professor decides to grade on a curve. If the professor wants 16% of the students to get an A, what is the minimum score for an A?


There isn't enough info to determine that, I believe. You would need an equation that would allow me to determine the minimum output for an A.

The LCD of 1/2 and 3/4 is 4 how would u rewrite 1/2 using the LCD as the denominator


You multiply the denominator to get the LCD. You would multiply the 2 by 2 to get 4. Then you multiply the numerator by the same number. 1*2=2. Therefore, the new fraction is 2/4

The store buys one dozen pencils for 96¢ and sells them for 20¢ each. How much profit does the store make on a dozen pencils.


The store would make $1.44 profit.

Answer: the store would make $1.44

Step-by-step explanation:

Find f '(a).
f(x) = 4x2 − 4x + 3


Use the power rule
d(x^n)/dx = n·x^(n-1)
to form the derivative.
f'(x) = 4·2x -4
f'(x) = 8x - 4

Now, substitute "a" for "x" to find f'(a):
f'(a) = 8a - 4

Definitions of shapes are probably solidified around age: A)three

As Bill sits on the floor stacking blocks, he hums a little song: " One , two, three, four, five , six , i would pick up sticks. "Bill is:

A) matching
B) rote counting
C) rational counting
D) ordering

The Focal point for understanding of whole numbers at the prekindergarten level include all of the following EXPECT:

A) recognizing numbers in small groups with and without counting

B) understanding that numbers refer to quantities

C) using numbers to solve everyday problems

D) understanding how to estimate

Select the example of things, people, and animals that have parts.

A Tina shares her cupcake
B) Sue takes half of the lump of dough
C) Joe takes some of Tom's crayons
D) The doll's arm falls off

Kate lines some wooden blocks in a row. Then she puts a wooden figure on each block. This activity is
A) structured
B) informal
D) traditional

Learning to hit the computer keys one at a time is an example of;

A) substituting
B) concreteness
C)one to one correspondence
D) seriating


I believe that the best answer to the choices given in your question are :A)three
C) rational counting
A) recognizing numbers in small groups with and without counting
B) Sue takes half of the lump of dough
C) Joe takes some of Tom's crayons
A) structured
C)one to one correspondenceThank you for posting here at Brainly.I hope I have answered your question.Have a nice day ahead.

American Sign Language can be used to augment the communication of children with: A) cognitive disabilities
B) hearing disabilities
C) physical disabilities
D) socioemotional disabilities

Kim's juice is in a tall glass and Mai's is in a short glass. Kim says, "I have more than you do. " Kim is:

A) ordering
B) rote counting
C) comparing
D) making a match

The national science education standards emphasize that , for children, the essence of learning lies in:

A) memorizing fact
B) carrying out the process of inquiry
C) assessments
D) utilizing technology


Please look up "American Sign Language" (e. g., Google it). You'll find out quickly which group of children benefit from ASL.


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